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Q2 2009 | Volume 1, Issue 2

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Phil’s Quarterly Update

Results from Shale Gas Study & New WEM Brochure

Growing to Support Our Clients: Welcome Brzeski, Gilbreath and Akande

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Optimizing Performance is published quarterly for customers of P.E. Moseley & Associates and registered users of its software.

Two-Day WEM Training Class, June 4 & 5, 2009
Where: Moseley Offices
Cost: $1,000 per person

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More 2009 Training Dates: Sept. 9 &10
Watch for announcements.

Updated Perf Gun Database Now Available on eSupport Site
Registered WEM users: click here to find instructions and to download the new Gun Database.


It’s Time to Re-charge for the Recovery
The current global economic situation has created uncertainty for everyone, including the energy industry. But it has also given us a bit of “breathing room” from $140-per-barrel oil. It’s giving companies a chance to regroup and get ready for the economic recovery and the associated resurgence in energy demand that will surely come.

That’s what we’re finding, as shown by increased demand for our training courses. So far this year, demand has been strong as companies take time to better prepare their engineers for the technological challenges that lie ahead, particularly in the area of unconventional resources.

Recently, we’ve delivered many custom, in-house training courses—two each for several independent operators and another for a major service company. These in-house courses are based on our standard courses on nodal analysis, well and completion design, and production optimization using WEM. However, we tailor a course for a company, expanding or customizing content to meet each company’s specific training needs.

We’re also evaluating the addition of an advanced-topic public training course, which would also be customizable for individual companies.

To discuss a custom training course for your company, send us an email at

Our public training course in March filled up quickly. We still have a few seats left for our next public course in June, which will be onsite at the Moseley training facility in Houston. See details below.

Good People, Good Projects
The Moseley development and consulting teams continue to grow. Please join me in welcoming senior application developer Tom Brzeski, consulting associate Glenn Gilbreath, P.E., and consulting engineer Jesse Akande. Each of these folks brings a wealth of experience in his respective area. You can learn more about their backgrounds in the story below.

We’ve also recently completed a shale gas study for an operator in the Haynesville play. And we have a new WEM brochure available on our website. See details below.

Phillip Moseley, PhD, founder and president of P.E. Moseley & Associates, Inc.

 Results from Shale Gas Study & New WEM  Brochure

We’ve been busy and think that you’ll find a good deal of value in the work we’ve been doing.

Hayneseville Shale Gas Study of Horizontal Wells Now Complete
We recently completed a shale gas study for an operator in the Haynesville shale play, an area of great interest for US gas producers.

The purpose of the study was to evaluate completion practices in the field, validate the WEM transient model for multi-fractured horizontal wells against field data, determine optimum timing to run production tubing in monobore completions, develop procedures to model and rank producing wells, and train their personnel on how best to utilize this technology.

Per our agreement with the client, findings from the study will be incorporated into future WEM models.


Download the New WEM Brochure
Take a look at our new WEM brochure available on our website!

Sales and uptake of WEM have been very successful with the word-of-mouth recommendations it gets from our loyal user base.

But people often need a brochure to hand or email to their managers for the review, approval and purchase process—especially in new companies that have not yet used WEM.

We think our new graphic design and brief, two-page format provide a solid overview of WEM capabilities and the technical and business benefits that WEM delivers.

Please feel free to forward the new WEM brochure to colleagues who may be interested in “optimizing production to reduce costs and improve profitability.”




 Growing to Support Our Clients: Welcome Brzeski, Gilbreath and  Akande

So that we can continue to deliver the quality of technology and service that you’ve grown to expect from us, we keep adding talented and seasoned professionals to the Moseley team.

Please welcome our newest members, senior application developer Tom Brzeski, consulting associate Glenn Gilbreath, and consulting engineer Jesse Akande.

With a BS in electrical engineering and more than 15 years in software development, Tom Brzeski has broad and deep business, systems and technology experience that will enrich Moseley product development and support. As an employee and consultant, he has been a key developer or project leader in the design, development and deployment of mission-critical applications, using programming languages such as C#, VB.NET, Visual Basic, ASP, and ASP.NET.

Tom joined us as a fulltime employee in March and is working on the .NET version of WEM. Before joining Moseley, he spent two years as a technical advisor and software developer at Landmark Graphics, where he worked on oil and gas production solutions.


Professional Engineer Glenn Gilbreath has a thirty-year career that includes production, completion, reservoir, and drilling engineering, both onshore and offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. His extensive technical experience—which includes field studies, optimizing field development, and applying nodal analysis to completion design and well performance—make him an extraordinary addition as a contract associate to the Moseley training and consulting team.

In recent consulting assignments, Glenn helped operators identify opportunities and implement solutions that increased production in mature fields.

For example, he performed field studies in 30-to-50-year-old stacked reservoir fields. He then identified workover prospects, justified potential, and implemented workovers in 9 wells with previously unidentified pay or same zone workover potential, which added 915 bopd, with a value of $1.29 million (USD).

In another case, he identified a significant understatement of booked reserves, which substantially increased the operator’s borrowing power.

We look forward to putting Glenn to work consulting on your next project to help you achieve similar results.


Jesse Akande has excellent engineering and business credentials, balanced with solid work experience in reservoir and production engineering. He holds BS and MS degrees in petroleum engineering, an MBA, and a master certification in project management.

Jesse has worked as an employee or consultant with services companies, consulting firms, operators and academia. As a research/teaching assistant at the University of Oklahoma (where he earned his master’s degree), he was an integral member of a reservoir characterization team. Right before joining Moseley, he worked at Baker Hughes for four years, where he was a key contributor to projects for field development and production strategies, including reservoir recovery, completion strategies and design, and associated economic assessments and project planning, execution, and management.

As a consulting engineer at Moseley, we’ll be putting Jesse’s diverse skills to work in several key roles including technical support, pre-sales, and consulting and mentoring.

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